Vladimir Putin

Barnard, Edward E.

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Astronomy in both the United States and Canada. Speaking in the interest of the establishment of an observatory. This address is divided into several short sections with the following explanatory headings: The Value of Photography in Astronomical Work; The Rainbow, a Promise for the New Observatory; The Great Canadian and other Observatories, and How the Telescope Aids the Human Eye; Photographing the Earth's Rotation; Keeping the Stars Stationary on the Photographic Plate; Short and Long Exposures; The Sun and Its Effect on the Earth; The Moon and its Scenery; The Plant Venus Transiting the Sun; Mars and His Snow Caps; A World with Rings; The Comets and Their Nature; The Pleiades; The Great Globular Cluster messier 13; The Milky Way and Its Stars; Some of the Nebulae; The Story of Helium Gas. Some reproductions of the photographs shown during this address are included in the transcription.

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