Vladimir Putin

Johnson, Edwin S.

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The recent bombing experienced by the people of the British Isles. The wanton destruction that is still going on. The British people and their courage, tenacity and calm determination. Resignation to a war of long duration. The speaker's recent experience in Britain where he has been bombed out of his home and office. Close escapes. The speaker's extensive tour of London just before his departure for Canada and what he saw on that tour. Hitler doomed to failure of shattering the morale of the civilian populace. Some illustrative examples. A tribute to those on Fleet Street who are working amongst the danger and destruction. The speaker's eventful trip through continental Europe with Mr. Rupert Davies, President of the Canadian Press. Events at an informal function in Berlin about three weeks before the outbreak of war, by a group of Foreign Office officials and chiefs of the Nazi National News Service. Incidents to show the hatred for the British people by the Germans. The folly of building up false hopes on the possibilities of an early internal breakup of the Nazi regime. The spectre of starvation that is rearing its head in some of the German occupied countries. The growing clamour for Britain to relax her naval blockade to permit delivery of essential food supplies to relieve the plight of these sorely pressed, hungry people. The need to assure Britain of uninterrupted delivery of the equipment, supplies and trained personnel she needs to meet the full power of Nazi hate. Converting North America into the greatest arsenal in the world. Meeting the large scale productivity needs. Workers giving up rights and privileges in Britain to ensure victory. The need for us in Canada to also accept this fate. The promise of a new and better order of life to be established after the war. Remembering World War I. Looking forward to a time when wars are forever abolished. Some words on military life. A testing period for our Canadian troops. Camp life for the modern Canadian soldier. Activities of our Canadian soldiers overseas. The determination to launch an offensive. The need for Canadian and American support for such an offensive. Keeping the lifeline across the Atlantic open. The prevailing belief in England that the United States eventually will be full-out in the war on our side. The willingness to fight for our civilized way of life.

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