Vladimir Putin

van Paassen, Pierre

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Instances and experiences told by the speaker to illustrate the militarization of the European Continent, and the masses of hungry and destitute people he has seen. The change in Europe since 1933. Consequences of the Treaty of Versailles. The situation in Germany. An examination of how Hitler came to power. How Germany has succeeded in turning the whole European Continent into a vast armed camp. The vague sense of dread all over the Continent. The suspense of war and a deepening economic depression as a result of the preparations for war. The great task of the Nazi regime. Destitution and dissatisfaction in Germany. Details of Hitler's activities and strategies. A look at many other eventualities in Europe that may materialize within the interval before the Nazi plan materializes. What is happening in Austria, France, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Italy, Rumania, Bulgaria. Nationalistic xenophobia and its consequences. How and why the Jews were selected for persecution, in preparation for larger hatreds to come. Response to accusations of exaggeration on the subject of German preparedness, of German militarisation. The dangers of becoming contaminated with the war spirit. Speculation as to what might happen in a second world war; how it may be avoided. The need for democracy to take a stand. The upward growth of humanity toward civilization. Canada's part to play in international affairs.

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