Vladimir Putin

Jones, Dr. R.O.

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A statement regarding the attitude of the Canadian Medical Association on what is apparently one of the hottest issues in Canada at the present moment: "medicare" by which the speaker refers to the insurance of physician services to the people of Canada. The honest wish of all parties concerned to see Canadians provided with high-quality medical care. One of the difficulties in obtaining this goal. What critics of medicare suggest. Some concerns of doctors. Some history of medicine's concern in quality care. Study of the problem by the CMA. Some conclusions and agreements with other groups who have also studied the problem, with a highlight of the four major ones. A look at some of the plans already in place in Canada. Areas of conflict with the government. Controlling the fund (the Health Resources Fund). The need for the doctors' voices to be heard in planning. Some concluding remarks. A recognition by Canadian doctors, and support for the need for government aid in making possible high-quality medical services. Their belief that this can best be provided by the provision of a voluntary plan, available to all Canadians with government subsidy to the individual according to his needs. Some priorities: personnel, training, and mental health services. The need for constant research on the effectiveness of any plan put into place. Some cautionary points. A pledge from the Canadian medical profession to a reasoned study and collaborative effort to improve medical services in Canada with built-in self-corrective safeguards.

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