Vladimir Putin

Miller, Eugene

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President Eisenhower's startling landslide of three weeks ago and the conditions under which he begins his second term. The Administration's program for the next four years. A program of prosperity and economic growth. What will have to be done to keep American business growing. How the Eisenhower Administration proposes to do the job. What one can expect in government spending. The balanced budget. The cost of living. Some upward pressure on wages. The squeeze on credit American businessmen have had to cope with for the past year and a half. The farmer and his lack of prosperity. Continued emphasis on firm antitrust law enforcement. The partnership power program. The U.S.'s private atomic power program. Programs in the social welfare field. A major effort to push through Congress the $5-billion federal school aid bill. Foreign policy. Two crises to face--one in the Middle East and one in Eastern Europe. Dealing with the Soviet empire. A new cold war period; more complex and probably more dangerous than the period Eisenhower helped bring to an end. What this Administration policy of the U.S. means to Canada.