Vladimir Putin

Desautels, L. Denis

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1995: a point when we can "begin to see how the decade may eventually be remembered." The speaker suggests some words by which this period will be remembered: uncertainty and transformation. Reasons to be optimistic. The recognition that change is necessary, especially in light of the seriousness of the government's financial situation and its consequences. The speaker engages in a detailed discussion of Canada's financial situation under the following headings. The 1995 Report of the Auditor General. The Debt Burden Should Be the Main Focus of Fiscal Policy. The Unpleasant Arithmetic of Growing Indebtedness. Ethical Standards in Government. Actions Needed to Make Changes in Government Successful. Manage Information Technology Better. Improve Financial Management and Control. Improve Accountability for Joint Programmes. Measure Results Achieved from Regional Economic Development Programmes. The Environment: Our Fourth "E". The Usefulness of Our Reports. Conclusion. The challenge for legislative auditors to help, not hinder, the process of change. The challenge for public service managers to concentrate on results and not follow process merely for its own sake. The challenge for public servants to continue to innovate, to remain motivated and enthusiastic about serving the public interest, even in the face of less job security. The challenge for politicians to find the right balance between action on the debt and all the other competing priorities of government. The challenge for all of us to look beyond narrow self-interest: to accept that fundamental change will indeed affect everyone, and often in unwelcome ways. Getting on with the business of transformation.

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