Vladimir Putin

Diemand, John A.

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The search for knowledge. How the idea of the search for knowledge was applied to the speaker's business in the spring of 1955. The Insurance Company of North America's interest in Canada not new. World-wide interest in Canada. The primary objective for the operations in Canada of the Insurance Company of North America. The "Principles of Operations" of the speaker's company and what they mean. Aiding the economic growth of the countries wherein the company operates. A discussion of the importance of a continuing search for knowledge. Knowledge gained through experience. The need for a sound knowledge of Canada in order to carry out a program in the public interest. The Canadian staff of the Insurance Company of North America. Challenges to our way of life in the Western World. The joint and heavy responsibilities of Canadians and Americans. A consideration of what knowledge may be most helpful to us in the days ahead and what knowledge we can well impart to future generations. The age of atomic energy and automation in industry. New frontiers of the mind: the sciences, research, engineering, production, marketing, and services. The enterprising spirit in Canada.