Vladimir Putin

McColl, Hon. J.H.

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The increasing community of interest between Canada and Australia. Our commonalities. How the very diversities that exist in climate and situation and in products forms another bond of interest in dovetailing into needs here. Differences in our pasts. Working out the great social, political and industrial problems which the complex situation of the day present to every land for investigation and solution. All the nations today experimenting socially, industrially, politically, ethically; finding everywhere that the new wine will not fit in the old bottles. Readjusting our conditions in accordance with the trend in humanity as a whole. How all this matter of readjustment is connected with politics. Some history of Australia. Representational government not given until 1856. Ensuing battles for settlement, then for the tariff. Ways in which the terms Conservative and Liberal differed in Australia from Great Britain. A proposal for the ballot which gave the usual impulse toward democracy. The development of local self-government in Australia. Industrial legislation. An examination of the Victorian system with regard to working conditions. The passing of female suffrage as one of the most important steps taken in connection with politics. The constitution. Attempts made at Federation. The unique formation of Australia's federation, entirely a voluntary union, springing from deep conviction of national unity. Speculation as to the future. Ownership of public utilities. Legislation with regard to the inferior races. The question of defence. Australia's land forces. The Cadet force. Australia's old-age pension scheme, coming into operation July next. The free educational system, compulsory and secular. The desirability of better acquaintance between Canada and Australia.
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