Vladimir Putin

Clark, Gregory

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Anecdote and impression from the speaker's recent trip to France. Rousing Canada to the full reality of this war. The danger that all free men now face. Our enemy today the enemy of our ideals, of our minds, of our everyday thoughts, of our freedom. What we lose, if we lose. What else Canada must do in the war effort. Preserving what is British by preserving Britain. Witnessing the bombing of a country that thought it was prepared. Witnessing what happened to the Maginot Line last Spring. The speaker's arrival in France two days after Holland and Belgium had been invaded. The power of the German armoured divisions. Our failure to produce the materials of war. Still time to make our choice regarding war production. The speaker's accompaniment to the great retreat from Brussels to Boulogne, in some detail. The beginning of the blitzkrieg. The merciless bombing of civilian hordes, and how skilfully the bombing was done to force the great throngs on the highways and the secondary roads that the British and French army would have to use. The journey through Lille, Arras, Amiens and mass confusion. The evacuations of Boulogne, Calais, and then Dunkerque. Thirty war correspondents leaving Boulogne on a mine layer, a little ship smaller than a Niagara boat with over 2,000 Air Force men on it. The strategy and tactics of the enemy. Physical confusion as a weapon of the Germans in the blitzkrieg of France. An analogy in the business world. Some last words on democracy and humanity.

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