Vladimir Putin

Pyle, Andrew; Rubin, Jeffrey G.; Lewis, George

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George Lewis RBC's view of the global equity markets. Some differences and agreements and assumptions with the speaker's co-panelists. A few words about the RBC Investment Strategy Committee. Who is on the Committee; what they recommend. Recommendations from the past; this view to remain intact. Some details of expectations. Why the speaker and his group remain optimistic about equities in general and foreign markets in particular: three reasons are outlined and explained in some detail. Reasons for optimism. How Canada is a notable excpetion. Recommendations for Canadian investors. Andrew Pyle An economist's new year's present to start 2007 off right. A discussion of the general outlook for the fixed-income markets both in North America and globally. Economic indicators and what they show - an explication. Housing and mortgages in the U.S. as a problem. The corporate market. Facing a risk-reward imbalance. Limited prospects for significant growth. Emerging market spreads. Another wave of U.S. dollar selling and what that could mean. The 2008 federal election in the U.S. and what that could mean. More protectionism from foreign markets. Effects of the U.S. bond market. Effects on Canadian bond yields. Canadian economy with respect to the U.S. economy. Actions of the Bank of Canada. In summary, what most signs point to for Canadian and U.S. fixed-income markets in 2007. Jeffrey Rubin The outlook for the oil and gas income trust sector. A pretty clear outlook. Factors that will drive the near-term performance of oil and gas royalty trusts. Interest rates, the price of natural gas and the price of oil - a discussion. Ways in which the outlook for oil and the outlook for natural gas are two very different outlooks. Effects of climate change. For the energy sector, what is going to be the biggest beneficiary of climage changes. The growth in the appeal of uranium. The supply side and why, climate change notwithstanding, Canada is a very unique place on the supply side of oil. The worldwide story as far as unconvnetional hydrocarbons are concerned.

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