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Weber, Jurgen

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Some words about Ludwig Erhard and his contribution to Germany. Effects and repercussions of globalisation. The speaker's definition of a globalised world. The degree to which the German economy is linked to the world economy and its reliance of foreign trade, highlighted with figures. Global sourcing. International lifestyles. A dynamism that calls for smooth connections in the world's skies and requires major players in the airline industry to adopt a global perspective in their strategy and work. The megatrend towards open markets; the worldwide division of labour and liberalised trade. The need for new perspectives. The case of Lufthansa as an interesting example of an airline repositioning its strategies under the impact of globalisation. Restrictions that still apply in the airline business. How alliances are capable of eliminating some of the restrictions that such a globally tuned industry is facing. What makes these alliances tick. Staff adjustments. German co-determination law and labour representation on supervisory boards. Advantages of co-determination, one of the elements of social-market economy Ludwig Erhard-style. Effectiveness of employee involvement in decision-making. Global costing as the natural rationale for a competitive environment. The speaker rather more optimistic than some commentators watching the European scene who concentrate their reporting on the battles of management and labour, and the moaning of politicians. Overseas observers and what they overlook. Continental Europe's real problem as job creation. Encouraging developments taking place in Europe and in Germany now. The speaker's conviction that Euro will come and it will be ready for introduction in 1999. All continental countries making enormous strides in putting their respective houses in order. The side effect for European consumers. Effects of the European Monetary Union. The speaker's optimism with regard to a global economy. Europeans and Germans in the middle of a learning process. Globalisation to bring greater opportunities than risks. Paying tribute to Ludwig Erhard, a great social marketer and leader.

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