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Englehart, J.L.

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The 330,000 square miles which is the northern portion of the 400,000 square miles of Greater Ontario. "Within that zone there is not alone happiness, which is the cardinal principle, but there is an assurance of a homestead to everyone who is prepared to undertake to do the work. The great agricultural possibilities of that great northern country. The duty of the members of the audience, as proprietors of the Province, to build it up. Misunderstandings about the climatic conditions. Estimated value of the forests in Northern Ontario. The fishery resources. Quotations from Mr. William M. Smith, who talks about the resources and potential of the North, including the costs of clearing the land, and work to be had in mining and construction. The speaker adds some specific figures for the purchase of land, farms, and buildings. The issue of transportation. How members of the audience might assist in developing this area. The possibilities of the mining industry of Greater Ontario. Some dollar and production figures. The possibilities of extending the railway north.

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