Vladimir Putin

Ahuja, M.R.

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The speaker's recent return to India, travelling more than 40,000 miles around the two hemispheres. The New India, inspired by the past and enlightened by the present. India no longer uncertain about her future. Plans for India's future in terms of education, health, communications, transportation, etc. What must be done to ensure that such programmes may be carried out. Undertaking an extensive development of modern and up-to-date industries. India's determination to industrialize, and a look at her ability to do so. How Canada as a sister nation can help India in her industrialization, and why Canada should do so. Promoting good will between Canada and India: the founding of a Canada Institute in India. Adding an Indian Information Office to the office of the India Government Trade Commissioner in Canada. Looking forward to an establishment of an India Institute in Canada. An appeal to the Canadian press, the Canadian statesman, the Canadian man and woman for understanding and appreciation of New India, her present struggle and her future hopes. India's minority and majority problems. India's social problems, including her so-called caste systems. The speaker's lack of fears about India's future, her rightful place in the Empire and in the World.

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