Vladimir Putin

Von Luckner, Count and Lange, Prof. Victor

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Count Von Luckner: The speaker here on a mission of goodwill, to destroy ill will caused by the war, and to get closer relations and better understanding. The speaker's personal background and experiences during the war. Prof. Lange: A new generation, a new mentality, a new regard for the world within and without which has arisen in Germany after the revolution of 1918. The Germany of 10 years ago. A look back at the years after the war in Germany which bear in themselves the germ of the sudden and amazing swing to a new but only apparently opposite tendency since September, 1930. What "the restoration of Germany" means. What "a government independent of political parties which needs the cooperation of the Reichstag" means. The difficulty of giving a foreigner an adequate picture of the violence and intensity of political strife in Germany. What Germany wants: peace and living. What the von Papen cabinet has done in terms of the alleviation of unemployment and the rehabilitation of business. Essential parts of the programme. The situation of university students in Germany. Two slogans to be heard in any discussion between two hostile German politicians: "Germany awake" "Against the system" from Hitler's friends, and "Against the reaction" from the Left, the communists and socialists which embody two philosophies of life. A look at the 50 political groups that applied for a place in the ballot in the last election in Germany, each with its own infallible panacea and its own inflexible and uncompromising idea of how the world ought to be organized. Hitler's current position. The political situation. A new political tendency. The speaker's conviction that this new, conservative Germany has nothing terrifying, nothing fearful, nothing dangerously militaristic about herself. Responses to those who believe Germany is a threat. Hindenburg and Hitler at present the great factors of power and decision in Germany. Hitler's political importance. What the new nationalism means. Hitler's programme as the temperamental fusion of the social experiences after the war with the German mentality. A new constitution, embodying the conservative tendencies of the last 20 years to be presented to the Reichstag as soon as possible; a reform of the internal relations between the lands and the Reich which will clearly outline the new federal tendencies. The need for any German government to convey to the world that peace and cooperation are the two principles of its international aims.