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Ontario’s Financial Situation

Challenges facing the finance minister and how they are not as daunting as those facing families who have lost a job. Ontario grappling with this reality. What the IMF says. Contributing factors to the current economic situation. The global storm that hit so hard late in 2008. The bottom line. Impact on families and communities. Ways in which the McGuinty government has invested in a healthy, productive economy. Preparing our very youngest for the economy of the future and the cost-benefits for doing so. A review of the situation for manufacturing and forestry sectors. Investments in infrastructure. Projects that are underway. Supporting innovation and cutting business taxes. Training and retraining resources. Strengthening partnerships. The foundation to build on for the speaker's upcoming budget. First and second mandates. Balancing budgets, paying down debt, making historic investments in health care and education. Growth in revenues. Details about how budgets were balanced. Other governments and how they are wrestling with the same challenges. Ontario's capacity to contend. Leading for the long-term. Presentation of the government's next budget on March 26. What it will include. Specifics to come on budget day. Expectations. General outline of the budget. Expressions of confidence for the future and Ontario's economy.

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