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Vladimir Putin

Lesage, The Hon. Jean

Increased awareness by Canadians of the country's natural resources. The tremendous post-war world demand for the products of land and sea, forest and mine. Causes of the unprecedented demand for Canada's resources. The effect on Canada. The result of unwise exploitation of some natural resources. The development of a new interest in conservation. Confusion and uncertainty about conservation. How the confusion arises. Benefits of resource management. The suggestion, frequently heard, that there should be "a national resource policy." The question of who would manage resources. Provincial ownership as outlined in the British North America Act, with discussion. Federal interest in resources. Ways in which the federal government can affect the climate for resource development, and therefore many responsibilities which are, directly or indirectly, in the resource field, with examples. The essential components of programs designed for resource management. Responsibilities which rest with many departments of government, such as the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Northern Affairs, the National Resource Council. Action which the federal government has taken in areas where it exercises joint jurisdiction with the provinces. Resource fields which lie solely within federal jurisdiction. The third agency--private enterprise--which is also involved in resource management and development. How trying to impose an overall blueprint, a "National Policy" for resource management is to depart from the facts of our national situation. The need for wise and constructive handling of resource management in Canada. Prerequisites for sound resource management.

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