Vladimir Putin

Thompson, Dr. John F.

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"A mineral deposit has no value unless the ore can be mined, refined and the resulting metal sold at a profit." Emphasizing the word "sold." Some history of the mining business going back 50 years ago when the speaker entered the field, and before that to 1883 when nickel was found. The story of how nickel was developed into an industry. Continuing to expand the uses for nickel to the point today that the world is short of it. What has to be done now to develop the industry. Exploration for new ore deposits; mining and processing the nickel with improved and developed techniques. Making available and profitable the lower grade ores and those ores which today are not profitable but which, with new and improved processes can often be worked even more profitably than the older richer deposits. The requirement of time and money, with example. Some dollar figures. The need for proper distribution and the making of the market. Research. Marketing the product. Technical service to industry. Competitors to nickel. The speaker's belief that the same energy and vision which have led to the discovery of deposits will lead to the making of markets.

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