Vladimir Putin

Fleming, The Honourable Donald M.

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The complexity of the subject of finance. An attempt to clarify. The economic outlook of the Western World. The complete business cycle of the past three years in Canada. The question of how to sustain expansion without inflation. A review of the steps which the Government has taken to meet the rapidly changing economic problems which have confronted Canada. Looking forward to the time when the Government will cease to be a net borrower: a deliberate aim. The Budget of 1959 and on what it was based. The commodity of money and credit: how they are different from other commodities. A review of what has been happening in the field of money, credit and banking during the past year. Several topics are addressed, including the following. The extent to which the Bank of Canada, the chartered banks and the Government may control or influence the available supply of loanable funds and their effective use. Responsibilities and powers defined by Parliament. Who can do what, according to Parliament. How fiscal and debt management policies of the Government affect the total credit situation. Some facts and figures. Factors affecting interest rates. Government securities. The role of the chartered banks in the bond market. Treasury bills. The Bank of Canada discount rate. The demand for commercial credit in Canada. Restrictions and refusals. Sources of loanable resources other than banks. Some points of resemblance between the situation in 1956 and 1959. Some differences. Leaving banking to bankers. Effects of credit restrictions announced by the chartered banks in August. The fundamental cause of the present credit stringency. How to relieve it. The exchange rate of the Canadian dollar. Inflation and its dangers. Asking for the support of the Canadian people. Points of optimism for Canada. The fiscal policy of Canada. Achieving the fruitful development of the resources of this country while resisting the perils of inflation.

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