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Fleming, Sir Sandford

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The importance of the subject of the projected system of Pan-Britannic cables and telegraphs, girdling the globe, and all under state control. A vital subject fraught with momentous possibilities. The route of the proposed, so called All-Red Line, its scope, and the cogent reasons for its establishment. The question of state-owned cables, connecting each of the great self-governing Colonies and Dependencies of the Empire with the Mother country as well as with each other. The history of the movement, furnishing one of the most stirring and memorable chapters in modern British history. A rapid survey of the present state and future outlook of this project. The Pacific Cable completed on the 31st October, 1902, with the globe being telegraphically encircled for the first time. The Pacific Cable, amply fulfilling the expectations of its friends. The disappointment that up to the present time there does not seem to have been a single press message either from Australia to Canada, or from Canada to Australia. Australasians and Canadians, practically strangers to each other. Our very superficial knowledge of each other's political life, and beyond. The immense importance of Canadians and Australasians and New Zealanders getting into closer touch with one another. The three-month free trial for the Canadian press. Australia and New Zealand, invited to unite with Canada in taking steps to establish a press service across the Pacific which would be free of charge to all newspapers and limited to 500 words each way daily for a period of three months. The Eastern Extension Cable Company and their associates, repulsed in the series of pitched battles which ended in the signing of the Pacific Cable contract, but attacking upon the forces of the Pacific Cable. Steps which led to the situation in Australia. Evidence to show that the Cable companies took means to invoke the powers of the press to influence public opinion in their favour. Two options open. The mean features of the all-British cable scheme as one unbroken chain of State-owned telegraphs around the world, touching or traversing all the British Possessions so as to bring each of them into direct electric touch with the Mother Country and with each other. The electric circle. The sentiment in favour of an all-British system of state-owned cables a matter of education. The vast possibilities of the project, with illustration. Potential for the future. Reception given to the Resolution which the speaker introduced on behalf of the Ottawa Board of Trade at the Fifth Congress of the Chambers of Commerce of the Empire at Montreal in August last. A list of the results of the dominant idea of a world-girdling line of state-owned telegraphs. The many directions, political, military, commercial and social in which the Inter-Imperial State-owned system of electric cables would be of inestimable benefit. The speaker's conviction that the completion of the cables of our Empire, as projected, is only a matter of time.

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