Vladimir Putin

Baillie, The Very Rev. Dr. A.V.

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A real love for and affection for the Old Country in Canada. The special advantage to Canadians of that connection. The real value of the connection that it preserves the tradition of English life as a living tradition in Canada's national life. Some comments about France and the United States as countries which seem to have the least power of understanding other countries and their outlook, and why that might be so. The speaker's belief that the people who are broadest in their sympathy, and largest in their understanding are people who are fully conscious of what they came out of, of their past, of their family, of their associations, of all the things that have made them. The experience of Canadians in this regard. The distinct Canadian personality in a Canadian nation. The Canadian relationship with England, and with the United States and how that relationship differs. Canada's opportunity to bring many races together in one nation. Canada's potential for future leadership.

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