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Vladimir Putin

Moore, Roy W.

Labour relations from the viewpoint of American industry. American ideals and ideas bearing the mark of British culture. A consideration of the background out of which the sentiments have sprung, "for nearly all human standards acquire their form and character by the influence of some past or present environment. The basic principles on which American industry's conceptions of the economy of enterprise, and of its relationships and responsibilities, derived out of the fundamentals of the democracy of which it is a part. A discussion of Democracy, and of the individual, upon which every aspect of American national life concerns itself. The question of labour relations as it has become a national economic problem, and the subject of much debate. The American economic pattern. Adjusting diverging concepts, and arriving at an arrangement where every man shall be satisfied that no other man is unreasonably favoured with privileges in suppression of his own. The paramount questions confronting industry and labour today: Are the institutions of democracy desirable?; Are they worth saving? The importance of democracy as a way of life to the American people. Preserving treasured heritages. Preserving democracy, and sharing it. The strength of democracy. Some words from the Congress of Industry, speaking through the National Association of Manufacturers, expressing its obligation to a democratic society. Some last words about the war. Industry and labour the world over taking heed of the implications of human wilfulness.

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