Vladimir Putin

Becirovic, Larissa; Harmgardt, Julie; Singh, Joseph

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Determining the winner. Larissa Becirovic - Issues Affecting Teens in Toronto. The issue of increasing youth crime. A suggestion that the mayor should enforce more justice in catching the people who are out to corrupt our streets. Ways to combat this rise in youth crimes. Combatting hate crimes. Julie Harmgardt - the issue of overweight, under-active Oakville youth, whose focus on technology and lack of exercise leads to obesity, health risks, poor sleep habits, falling grades and even an increase in crime rates. The suggestion that the mayor of Oakville to put into place an action plan to address this issue. Allowing free recreational access for youth up to the age of 21. Some innovations suggested for new activities. Some relevant statistics. Joseph Singh - Youth as our present, rather than our future. Youth as the population that is changing the world. A suggestion for the mayor of Toronto to make it a priority to invest in youth. Reasons why he should do that. The need for partnerships of all parts in a community.

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