Vladimir Putin

Harper, Dr. J.M.

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The need for the war that is on in Europe at the present moment to be fought out to a finish with the Hohenzollerns of Germany. The need to deal with the militant marauders of Germany as were the pirates and ruthless iconoclasts of old. Taking up the plea for some arrangement that may be made to come after the present war is done with--some ethical understanding in our contentions, so that all our national and international battles royal may be made to stop short of the shedding of blood. Some illustrative anecdotes of battlefield ethics. Some comments on Colonel Roosevelt and his last book on this world's war. Asking whether statesmanship can restrain the nations from indulging in bloodshed in their strivings to win in the race of international ascendancy. Two phases of warfare: peace demanding its own by fair and civilised methods, and peace demanding its own by a process of blood-letting and battlefield disaster. Three stages leading up to the latter folly: a breath of etiquette on the part of some nation or other; a breach of conduct; an unstatesmanly disregard of consequences. The time not yet arrived for any direct pleading for peace on the part of Great Britain and her allies; but the time ever with us to consider the question why the warring that involves the shedding of the blood of men should not be eliminated as an ethical prejudice so illogically upheld in our way of doing things.
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