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O'Neill, Capt. The Rt. Hon. Terence/Ogilvy, The Hon. Angus

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The Rt. Hon. Terence O'Neill The aim in Northern Ireland to bring about the conditions in which no one is obliged to leave his homeland because of lack of opportunity. Some historical facts about Ulstermen and Canada. Northern Ireland's unique status within the United Kingdom: some background and history. The Northern Ireland parliament at Stormont. Industrial investment in Northern Ireland. The growth of regionalism in Britain. Local powers and local options being exercised in the interests of the nation as a whole. Protecting the most cherished things by a willingness to serve wider causes and greater alliances. A message of friendship and brotherhood from Northern Ireland to Canada. The Hon. Angus Ogilvy The problems currently facing Great Britain. An emphatic "yes" answer to the questions of whether or not Britain can surmount difficulties in an increasingly competitive world. A "yes" answer from a businessman. A look at the facts of Britain's economy. Fundamental changes in Britain's class system, in the educational system, in the field of business management, and in the field of exports. Beaverbrook and Thomson as an example of turning around a whole industry [the newspaper industry]. A discussion of exports. Building trade between Canada and Great Britain.

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