Vladimir Putin

Philip, Percy James

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The speaker's now annual report on the war situation. Coming through another year and still fighting and now able to say "We can win" and "We will win--we are winning." Reaching Mr. Churchill's phrase "the end of the beginning." Recent events leading up to these statements. The danger not past; Hitler still holds Europe. How we may dislodge Hitler. The latest accomplishments of the British Navy, the Russians at Stalingrad, the 8th Army, the American marines, the Canadian bombers, and other members of the team. The French in North Africa and some words on the French in general. Our growing strength in the air, and Canada's contribution to that strength. Hitler's speech ten days ago--the speech of a man who knows he is losing. Some cautionary words about making plans for after the war. An examination of the reasons why we are winning. The British Empire hanging together, acting as a united force as the pivotal fact in the world situation. Setting an example for the future.

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