Vladimir Putin

Kielburger, Craig

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First, a first-day post-election welcome. The federal election from the perspective of children and youth in Canada. How our society can nurture greater active global citizenship among young people. No excuse for not voting. Some personal reminiscences of the speaker's travels throughout the world, especially as concerns human rights, elections, freedom to vote, etc. Children in Canada having no vote, no voice, little economic clout, and what that means. The number of children in Canada living below the poverty line. The hope that one party will take leadership and speak for children. The global impact of politics. A discussion of why some young people don't vote even when they can. Some changes that can and have been made. The need for a fundamental shift in thinking, starting with how we raise our children. The "Me Generation" and the possibility of a "We Generation." The "Me to We" campaign. Creating a community through helping others. How to live these conepts. Committing ourselves to invest in our children.

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