Vladimir Putin

Willison, W.A.

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First, a word on censorship of official secrets during wartime. Learning something in a two-and-a-half year stay in London. The generous praise of the Canadians in England. The speaker's position as representative of his paper in London. Finding the whole nation straining to expedite its war mobilization. London, personifying the spirit of the race; Glasgow, looking down upon London with an easy, if unexpressed, assumption of superiority and racing for a higher enlistment; little Wales creating its own Guards; Ireland turning from civil strife to maintaining its regiments of old and glorious tradition. The greatest voluntary response to public duty in the history of all time. An estimate of the probable military strength of Great Britain, made in 1914. Great Britain still marching from strength to strength. Five million men enlisted in Great Britain today. Ways in which the British Navy has protected her against Germany's naval power. The contribution of British labour. The British working man as the backbone of the army, the backbone of the navy, the foundation of the nation and of Empire. What this recent industrial revolution has meant in the United Kingdom in terms of production of munitions and military equipment. Political changes that have been as great as industrial changes. The unparalleled war mobilization of the United Kingdom accompanied by a marked change in the thought of Great Britain, with illustration. The cost to Britain and the Dominions from unpreparedness. The war work of the women. A few words on the Irish question.

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