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McKeand, Major David Livingstone

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Our limited and outdated knowledge of the Northwest Territories. The part the CBC is playing in educating Canadians about the North. The development of the North over the last two decades. The unfolding of the Eastern Arctic. A description of the Eastern Arctic. An annual expedition, sponsored by the Minister of Mines and Resources, on the recommendation of the Northwest Territories Council, servicing the Government, fur trade and missionary stations in this large area. Accessibility to Canada's Eastern Arctic. The names of straits and sounds and inlets, islands and capes and mountains paying silent tribute to the enterprise, courage and endurance of those intrepid navigators who for more than three centuries sought a northwest passage by water from the Atlantic to the Pacific. The 12-year search for the lost Franklin Expedition which led to the discovery of many islands in the Arctic Archipelago, which islands were transferred from Great Britain to Canada in 1880. Our knowledge of arctic topography, gained largely from coastal observation. The climate of the Eastern Arctic. Life in the summer months. The Eastern Arctic Eskimo. Trade with the Eskimo. The discovery of petroleum on the right bank of the Mackenzie River near Fort Norman 23 years ago and subsequent developments and interest in possible minerals. Government and laws in the Northwest Territories: some history. Hospitals established by missionaries. Difficulties in administering the affairs of primitive people. Changes in the lifestyle of the Eskimo. Attempts (and failures) to master the Arctic.

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