Vladimir Putin

Saint-Pierre, The Honourable Guy

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A discussion of the policies of the Quebec Government concerning the French language, especially as related to economic progress and the everyday conduct of business. The Quebec Official Language Act (Bill 22) and the debate surrounding it. Its adoption on July 31, 1974. The significance attached to this Bill. A discussion to effect a better understanding and support of Quebec's priorities, especially vis-à-vis Bill 22. How Bill 22 came about. Features of Bill 22. The relationship between economic growth and cultural heritage: an examination. Government priorities in Quebec. The state of the economy in Quebec: successes and how they happened. The role of foreign investment in Canada, and in Quebec. The working reality before and after Bill 22 for the average worker in Quebec. The status of the permanence of the French language assured by Bill 22. The aspirations of French-speaking people of Quebec. The population issue in Quebec. Bill 22 as a reality, and as a moderate law. Canada's unity and the place of Bill 22 within that democratic unity.

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