Vladimir Putin

Manley, The Hon. John

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The 1998 Budget, particularly its impact on programmes within the Minister's portfolio. Budget '98 as a "good news" budget, but from the speaker's viewpoint, a "great news" budget, and why he feels that way. Reaching the target of a balanced budget by the end of this fiscal year. Wrestling a $42-billion deficit to the ground. Reducing the debt. How the 1998 federal budget sets the agenda for building a knowledge-based Canadian economy for the 21st century. The knowledge revolution and changes from it. Developing a learning culture. The knowledge economy and what that means in Canada. Building on its strengths in research and people and focusing these resources on building a stronger Canadian innovation system. Launching new initiatives. Increased funding for university research. Expanding the Industrial Research Assistance Program. Connecting Canadians' vision and mandate. Why this is a top priority. Rating Canada's connectedness objectives. Comparisons with our competitors. How connectedness relates to life-long learning for all Canadians. What it will take. Six action areas: Canada On-Line; Smart Communities; Canadian Content On-Line; Electronic Commerce; Canadian Governments On-Line; promoting a connected Canada to the world, with a fairly detailed description of each.

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