Vladimir Putin

Cumberland, F. Barlow

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The Union Jack, the Sovereign's Colour and Sign of Imperial Unity as the topic of address. A subject which dates its origin from over a thousand years ago. A brief historical review, with the foundation in the times of Richard I, the "Lion Hearted." The story of Richard I's Crusades; seeming almost as though the emblem of our nationality had sprung from the great heart of this great man. The sign of the red cross as the sign of the English. Richard I, bringing this symbol to England in A.D. 1194. Instances of the use of this sign of St. George as the indication of English association from the time of Edward I onwards. Some history of the "Scottish Jack," the white saltire or diagonal cross upon the Union Jack, St. Andrew's Cross. The "Irish Jack," Saint Patrick's cross, a red cross of the same shape as the saltire cross of Scotland, but on a white ground. These three Jacks as the component portions of our Union Jack: the Red Cross on a white ground for England; the White Cross on a blue ground for Scotland; and the Red Cross on a white ground for Ireland. The story of the First Joining, and the periods of change in the flags. The present Union Jack. A look at the Flag in detail, and the lessons entailed in it. The Union Jack as the Constitutional Emblem of all the British peoples, and the sign of Imperial Unity when placed in the larger flags of the National Ensigns. Asking what we are going to do as our share in the future glory of this flag which we have inherited. What the flag tells us; how it speaks to us.

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