Vladimir Putin

Holmes, John W.

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The speaker as a true believer in the Commonwealth. Clearing away old concepts and prejudices to see the Commonwealth as a thoroughly modern institution. Its purpose in 1965 the most important and difficult in the world today: the maintenance of trust among the major races of the world. The speaker's visits over the past year and what he found. A description of the Commonwealth of nations as it exists today. The decline of the Commonwealth as an economic entity. All that the Commonwealth is not. The Commonwealth's justification in a common search for understanding, for the sharing of viewpoints, constant consultation. "The quality of listening to each other with forbearance." Grave issues confronting the Commonwealth, particularly with regard to the last stages of colonialism. The responsibility for initiative and special concern. Mr. Diefenbaker and Mr. Pearson's contributions. The will to preserve the Commonwealth. What is happening to the free constitutional principles the Commonwealth claims to be the heritage that binds it together. Not expecting conformity to all the traditions of Westminster in countries where unity is frail, illiteracy high, and the economy baffling. Apathy as the main problem of the Commonwealth. What might happen to the Commonwealth. Canada and the Commonwealth.

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