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Imrie, John

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Board of Trade of the City of Toronto. The situation in Canada today. The lack of a definite forward-looking program that would appeal to the imagination and the common sense of Canadians; more attention being paid to the discouraging factors in Canada's national situation than to those that give sure ground for confidence and progress due to its absence. The speaker's contention that depression is being boomed today as optimism was never boomed. The tendency towards sectionalism and disunity as perhaps the most threatening of the discouraging factors in our present situation. A look back at previous depressions and how they were dealt with. Facing another series of new and difficult conditions today; to what they are due. The need for constructive leadership. A review of our economic problems and from when they came; looking back to examine the origins of Canada's settlement. Canada's far-flung distribution of a small population. The effects of the development of the railways. Effects of the war in terms of immigration and population. Savings to be made through railway cooperation. Canada's chief economic problems today of our burden of debt, high taxation, national railway deficits, isolation of rural settlements, loss of population to the United States, sectional disunity, defects in education in rural areas, etc., and to what they are due. Canada's development, meant to provide for a much larger population. A solution along the line of intensive stimulated colonization and immigration, on a basis that would enable us to keep within our own country those whom we may bring here. Conditions which seem to make this an opportune time for inaugurating such a scheme. The need for colonization to be an important feature of any future immigration policy, and to provide follow-up aid. How to achieve this aim. The need to separate such a scheme from politics. Conflicting points of view between federal and provincial governments. The suggestion to set up an Immigration Commission, and the makeup of such a Commission. The need to build up conditions which will permit us to retain within our own country our own natural increase, those whom we bring from other countries and their natural increase also. The need to create larger and more varied employment opportunities. Three classes of industry. The issue of tariff protection. Encouraging scientific research. The development of interprovincial trade. The need for an intensive study of export trade. An appeal for toleration of and generosity towards the opinions of others on national questions.

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