Vladimir Putin

Relly, Gavin

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An assessment of the effects on Africa, of Mr. Gorbachev's policies of glasnost and perestroika. Observations of South Africa. A brief history of South Africa, from the founding of Cape Town in 1652, following by struggle between white settlers and indigenous peoples for scarce resources. Current and historical problems in South Africa. The current economic and political state of South Africa, as seen from both inside and outside the country. The desire for reform by the majority of white South Africans. Standing on the threshold of a genuinely new era in South Africa. New life to the individual and the market. What that truly means in practice for South Africa. The issue of sanctions. Encouragement from the U.S. and Britain. Regional assistance and co-operation. A promise of a new South Africa in five years by the current government and President. Reasons for the five years. Practical requirements for a process of peaceful reform in South Africa. An appeal for Canadian support for South Africa's future.

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