Vladimir Putin

Hennigar, Ross A.

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Oil markets and their impact on Canadian economic policy. Some of the implications of making oil the crucial pivot for Canada's national development and fiscal strategies. Five shifts in thinking with regard to oil, oil prices, and the oil industry. Emerging questions about self-sufficiency and the future of a national industrial strategy based upon energy megaprojects. Moving towards world prices in Alberta. Ottawa tying its fiscal future to OPEC. Doubts about OPEC and its decline in the share of world markets. Some serious consequences for Canadian energy policy. A new era for our oil markets. Cutting back production by OPEC. A review of events since 1977. Cutbacks in the industry. A lack of confidence, in Canada, in market forces. The need for substantial revisions to the National Energy Program. The speaker's opinions on what Canada should do with regard to these issues, with supporting reasons and discussion. Some comments on where we are and where we are heading in terms of energy, energy taxes, the oil industry, and opportunities.

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