Vladimir Putin

Winter, The Hon. Robert H.

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A project which qualified as a Centennial observance: a stepped-up export promotional programme by the Department of Trade and Commerce. The direct link between an expanding export performance and sound, sustained economic growth and prosperity for Canada. A challenge to the export community, made at the Canadian Export Association October last. The Government's target for export sales in the Centennial Year. Convincing more Canadian firms to move into exporting. What will be required to meet the goal. The Government's role. Response received from the Canadian businessmen and industrialists invited to constitute an Export Advisory Council to the speaker and his Department. Composition and an outline of functions to be announced within a few days. What the Department has been doing in the meantime. New ideas to be implemented in 1967. A concern with the communication gap between a large part of the business community and the officials of the Department. The establishment of a nation-wide communications network that will link businessmen in all parts of Canada with the Trade and Commerce office nearest them by telephone, toll-free. Providing assistance to Canadian companies. A concern with an increasing cost structure as compared with a much slower growth of productivity and its effect on Canada's competitive position. Taking a positive approach to competition by making optimum use of all the components that make up costs so as to hold our prices within competitive bounds.

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