Vladimir Putin

Goodeve, Sir Charles F.

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The war and the things it brought forth that continue to affect our lives today. Radar; background and history. The introduction of science into war operations. Operation Research and how it has grown in Great Britain, especially since the war. Some details of Operational Research Units. The Operational Research Society in the United Kingdom, and in other countries. Technological advances in recent years, with which the development of society has not kept pace. An example. Changes in the meaning of words such as "peace" and "freedom." The bewilderment of scientists when they first come outside the laboratory. The scientific method. Science as one of the most human forms of activity. The study of social systems. Decision-taking, and some examples. Determining inefficiencies. Examples to illustrate the way that science is helping management. Tackling the problem of the control of population. The Australian Snowy Mountain Project. The use of a computer. The Canadian problem of foreign investment. The need for science in economics.

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