Vladimir Putin

Smith, Rev. W.E.

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some of the reasons why China has changed and some of the reasons why we ought to recognize China as a part of the great human race. China no longer an Empire; she has become a Republic, and will play a very important part in the coming days of this century. Just starting to get to know China. The changes that are now taking place will concern Canada in the matter of trade. How China has learned to appreciate us. The trade contests of this century to be fought on the Pacific, largely between China and Canada. Taking a closer look at China. Shanghai as the great port of entry for Canadian commerce. What the speaker saw and observed when he first went there. Travel by rickshaw. Now, a system of electric street cars. The Shanghai of today, with many forms of transport competing for business. Cultivating the friendship of the Chinese people. A detailed description of an inland passage up the mighty Yangtse river, noting many changes in China. A changing attitude towards foreigners. Changes to the educational system. The new Republic. Ways in which the Chinese are altogether different from the Manchus. Details of the Chinese partial Republic, different from the form that exists in the United States.

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