Vladimir Putin

Stewart, Prof. H.L.

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Uniting the democracies in time to prevent what they have twice within a generation been united only in time to repair. The speaker's statement: "In the interests of world peace, we need to draw more firmly the bonds of the British Empire, and we can do so--if we will--without impairing in the least degree Dominion self-government in any sense in which Dominion self-government is valuable." An exposition and illustration of this thesis follows. The recent demonstration of Commonwealth unity, and why we are amazed at it. Learning lessons from both world wars: a look back. How the Empire was stimulated once again to rally. The speaker's plea for a new Empire method by which sinister myths of our incoherence will be made harder to impose even upon wishful enemy thinkers. Objections to the proposal of a unified Commonwealth policy in foreign affairs, and counter arguments. A summary question: "Are we satisfied to preserve the studiously undefined mutual relationship of Dominions and Mother Country on foreign policy which we have hitherto known? Or has experience of two terrific emergencies suggested improvement that may help to prevent a possible third?" A discussion of this question follows.

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