Vladimir Putin

Tapp, Lawrence

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Ivey Alumni Association, Toronto Chapter. Canadian universities and colleges thinking deeply about their future in a swiftly changing world. Some of the forces that are driving change among Canada's business schools, and the steps thought necessary by the speaker for us to turn out the next generation of business leaders. No safe haven in today's global economy. The obligation of business schools not only to respond to change or document it for academic posterity, but to lead it. Steps required to provide that leadership. Building a case for business education as a critical factor in our country's economic competitiveness. Words from U.S. Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan: "Abstract ideas and concepts are the dominant element in the creation of economic value … this conceptualisation of economic growth has led to a world in which human skills are becoming obsolescent at an unprecedented rate." Two immediate impacts of this fundamental shift: intellectual capital now the prized resource in our post-industrial economies; continuous learning is now an imperative for both the organisation and the individual. Business schools as the prime source of intellectual capital in our economy. Responding to business' need for continuous or "just-in-time" learning. Constant challenges to Canadian business and Canadian business education. Consequent changes from NAFTA. Seven steps we need to take, with a discussion of each: Export intellectual capital; Become self-reliant; Focus on teamwork and integrative skills; Focus on niche areas of strength; Bring the school to the student; Focus on key trends and issues; Avoid-flavour-of-the-month. Some concluding words. The nature of universities today. The demand for higher education. The role of the university and its relation to society undergoing radical change; how this is doubly so for business schools. The opportunity in the fact that intellectual capital is now a strategic resource. Some critical advantages of our Canadian roots. Critical growth areas. A vision that involves a willingness to learn as much as teach. Expectations of business schools.

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