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Eves, The Hon. Ernie

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Reference to the speaker's first budget five years ago. The fifth budget of the speaker as Minister of Finance. Balancing the budget as the right thing to do. How all the numbers balance. How the dollars and cents translate into human terms. Thinking in terms of human values - people and development. The words of Lesley Frost. The Ontario government's benchmarks for measuring progress. The procedss leading up to this year's budget and how far the government has come since the speaker's first fiscal statement. The last time the Ontario budget was balanced. Some tough decisions made to get to this point. Criticism from the media and the speaker's response. The government's commitment to social services. Special Education and Early Years funding. The speaker's personal experiences influencing the speaker's attitudes toward education and its funding. Addressing the medical requirements of special needs students. The role children have played in the speaker's life. The commitment to assist single parents. Child prostitution. Reforming the health care system. Primary-care projects. Dollars spent on health care. The telephone health advisory service for Northern Ontario. Infrastructure. The Superbuild Millennium Fund. Post-secondary education. Private-sector partners. Tripling the Innovation Trust Fund. Doubling the Research and Development Challenge Fund. Scientific and medical research. Bringing accountability into the system. Accomplishments of the government of the Province of Ontario. Balanced budgets and brighter futures for Ontarians.

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