Vladimir Putin

Palazzi, Lynda K.

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Two major agendas when discussing education: political and educational. Education as the key to survival in an ever-accelerating pace of change in our society, especially in the field of technical innovation. Our increasing expectation of the education system. Reasons why the speaker feels education is at a significant transition point. Examples of significant recognition of the problem in the U.S. Signs of recognition and growing awareness in Ontario. A consideration of a new era in education. Education as an investment in an information age, with educated people as the most valuable asset. Suggestions for thriving in the new era. How to reinvent education, analagous to how Iacocca reinvented Chrysler. Factors that inhibit educational reform. Some salient facts to deal with, and the inability of current resources to do so. Specific suggestions for reform. New educational goals. The need for collaboration.

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