Vladimir Putin

Will, Professor J.S.

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Throwing some light upon the events of the past week in Paris. The desire to understand other nations as one of the most significant signs of an enlarging Canadian mind. The historical relationship between the British and the French, and between Canadians and the French. Some comments on the reporting of events in France. The question of a new government really understanding what the people demand, and having the energy to carry out fearlessly a fully national policy in spite of the opposition of sections and parties. Paris as the voice of the people crying out for a housecleaning. Some facts about the recent events. Suggestions that have been made to account for the disturbances, and the speaker's response to them. An exploration and explication of conditions from which arose the recent troubles. Changes in Cabinet in the French House over the last two years. The nature of the French reaction. The temper of a free people. Some illustrative anecdotes. The importance of certain features in the life of the French nation and the effort to maintain a balance among them at the bottom of a great deal that happens in France. The monarchical idea which still persists merely as an idea. The royalist programme. Distinctive features of the events of last week. Some tragic consequences. Results of the disturbances. Advantages of the French government's structure of having a President of the Republic. Reverberations the world over from the disturbances in France. France as a sort of political barometer, with historical examples. The warning to the French government from the people of Paris. The final dramatic movement in this tragedy.

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