Vladimir Putin

Stokes-Rees, Commander Rowland H. (Retired)

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Reference to the speaker's previous address four and a half years ago. Some recollections of events in the First and Second World Wars. The situation today. The consequences of another war in the atomic age. The speaker's conviction that Russia does not want another war, and reasons for that conviction. Some remarks on the nature of Russians, with illustrative examples. The need to stand firm against Russia. What would attract someone to Communism. Paying attention to the consideration of the "haves" for the "have nots" in big cities like Toronto. A look at the defeated Germany. The need to build a self-supporting German economy if Europe is to survive. Watching out to see if Russia can sabotage the Marshall Plan. Some words on Greece and the defeat of the present Communist uprising being essential to peace in the world. Responsibility of the press. The situation in Bogota in Colombia. A caution for Canada to beware of the implanted immigrant. A quick look at Argentine which claims to favour neither Democracy or Communism. What one can do to combat the spread of Communism.

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