Vladimir Putin

MacLeod, Norman M.

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The victory phase of a terrible war also the opening phase of a new struggle. The challenge now to mould a world worthy to stand as the product of the heroism and sacrifice which bore it. A discussion of national trends and an evaluation of some of the principles upon which we are building our nation's future. The importance of perspective. The proposition that our aim, as Canadians planning for the postwar, is the achievement of a workable world in which peace and the human spirit can live and flourish together. The nature and peril of such a general proposition. The futility of brave words or mere goodwill by themselves to settle anything, with the illustrative example of the depression years. The international nature of peace. Finding like-minded peoples to organize international peace through the British Empire. Canada as a nation now of age, having graduated to full partnership in the Empire of modern times. The danger that Canada may fail to recognize the Empire destiny which simply awaits her fulfillment. Canada's problem of national unity. Suggestions for solutions. "Selling" Quebec on the privileges and advantages of Canada's leadership in a close partnership of Empire. The desire for our postwar world to be a workable world, providing jobs for all able and anxious to work. Steps towards these ideals; some specific suggestions. Possibilities for a social security program.

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