Vladimir Putin

Mathers, F.D.

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"Build Industry--Build Canada" as a suggestion that makes the ultimate in common sense. The continued considerable strength of the Canadian economy. Some caution about the present upturn. Developments of enormous and far-reaching significance unfolding in the world. The resurgence of Europe and the strikes towards Old World unity. Now Europe rather than North America calling the economic tune. Some evidence and developments to support this. Where this leaves Canada. Canada as one of the most liable of the leading industrial powers to be hurt by any programme of systematic tariff reductions. A discussion of this premise follows. The specialization concept for Canada, and arguments against it. Pursuing national policies aimed at creating a viable economic climate for manufacturing industry in toto. The alternative of being absorbed by the United States. The importance of a separate identity for Canadians. An alternative that makes sense: one that accords the highest priority to the further expansion and diversification of the manufacturing industry. Signs that Canada is in the early stages of such a shift in emphasis. Some suggestions for the stimulation of industrial investment and expansion. Taxation and population. The effect of foreign competition. Protecting Canada's standard of living. The importance of freedom and the private enterprise system to Canada's standard of living.

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