Vladimir Putin

Macphail, Sir Andrew

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A new reading of the old fable "The Goat and the Vine." Universal truth expressed in fables. "The Goat gnawed the Vine to the root; but the vine grew again, and yielded grapes whilst the goat lay dead upon the altar." Germany as the Vine; France as the Goat. The process by which we too become the goat. History as the master to whom we all must go. "Never was so much written, never so little understood." Living under the shadow of war, that is the father of all things: forgetting that desperate truth. Also forgetting the menace by which Disraeli brought Bismarck to bay. Drifting, being manouevered into war in 1914. Forgetting that things have their consequences. A warning for the future. A review of events from which we did drift into war in 1914. The question now: "What obligation now exists whereby we may drift into war once more, or lay us under the charge of perfidy to France if we abstain?" If we are to fight, then there is a need to begin at once to devise a sound strategy, lest we and France be involved in a disaster similar to that which befell us in 1914. A review and analysis of what happened in 1914 and subsequently: events and their consequences. The Treaty of Versailles. How we forgot our old Imperial way of peace. Consequences of the Treaty of Versailles that we are seeing now. "The Vine was gnawed to the root." A look at the new Germany that has arisen. The hero that was Hindenburg. The wrongs of the treaty. Not yet too late to accept the divine advice to agree with the enemy lest worse befall. Germany in the mood for agreement. No peace, no security until the wrongs in the treaty are set right. Words from Hindenburg. Hitler as Chancellor as appointed by Hindenburg and what that has meant. Hindenburg's funeral and sentiments there expressed. Hindenburg's final appraisal of himself contained in his last confession. The speaker's last words: "The Vine is growing from the root once more; but the wine to be yielded by the grapes may be a wine of hot and bitter tears."

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