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Wright, Councillor Peter

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and the Kiwanis Club, Under Auspices of the Navy League of Canada. The Toronto Male Chorus first "enlivened the proceedings with several songs." Mr. Wright: The meaning of the song "Britannia Rules the Waves." Realizing what the navy has done during the last five years, and what the navy has done for the last three or four centuries: a review. Doing honour to the gallant dead who fought so nobly. Some remarks about the Hun, who has not repented yet. The British Empire, more consolidated than ever since we have fought and suffered together. Creating a structure which will bring us closer together by the affinities of love; creating an influence and power in conjunction with the Anglo-Saxon race in the United States of America; creating an influence which will make it impossible for any nation to go to war in future. Keeping consolidated and keeping our ties in contact by maintaining the supremacy of the sea. Becoming isolated, helpless, and to a very large extent useless without our navy. The position of the British Navy. Debt incurred in fighting the war. A request for a financial contribution towards the maintenance of the British fleet. The Navy League of Canada. Changes Great Britain due to the war, which has humanized Great Britain. The future real democracy for Great Britain. Dedicating ourselves for the purpose of creating a brighter and a happier world. The inter-dependency of the countries that make up the British Empire. Looking for Canadian men for the Navy League. An appeal to Canadians to arise and make this country the greatest, the happiest and the brightest asteroid in this great solar system of ours.

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