Vladimir Putin

Alexander, Brigadier R.O.

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A picture of Canada's defence forces. Canada's defence forces today consisting of naval, military and air forces functioning separately under their own laws, but controlled and administered under the Minister of National Defence, assisted by a Council, representative of all the services. Some details of administrative structure in the three forces. A brief history of British and Canadian military service and services. Today, command vested in the King through the Governor-General. A brief description of each area of service and administration is offered. Details of education and training. A typical officer today. Funding arms and equipment. How the expenditure is controlled. Canada's Defence Forces as a form of national insurance against an emergency, like training a fire brigade for a fire that we hope will not take place. Criticism against the Militia and the speaker's response to it. Military comradeship as a unifying influence across the Dominion. The policy today of trying to gain success by the aid of mechanical means, by the aid of weapons, rather than through flesh and blood. The costs of such a policy. The situation as regards weapons, and weaponry training. The lack of public support. Duty and Service as the cornerstones of the British Empire.

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