Vladimir Putin

Strabolgi, Lord

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The speaker representing the British Parliament in the Province of Ontario. Feelings of gratitude in Britain to Canada for Canadian Forces war efforts and for the generous help given when Britain was in difficulties following the end of hostilities. The foreign policy of the present government in Britain, supported by the other two principal parties in Britain, the Conservatives and the Liberals. A foreign policy based on the development and strengthening of the United Nations. Words of support for the United Nations Organization. The issue of the acceptance of the American Loan 18 months ago. The increasing importance of economic considerations, rather than political considerations in international affairs, with example. The economic factor in the independence of India and the separate Dominion of Pakistan. A hopeful tendency in the world today for larger economic units, larger areas of free trade, with the example of Germany and Europe. Applying the principle of collective security to the retaining of the peace in Europe and the prevention of any mischief-making by any future German Hitler or any high military caste in Germany, through the UNO. Prospects for the success of the UNO in contrast to the League of Nations. The diminished possibility of another great world war. The implications of the Marshall Plan and whether it is going to cause a permanent division of Europe into a Russian zone of influence and a Western Zone of influence. Britain's belief that the division need not be permanent. Trade with countries behind the iron curtain. Criticism of the Marshall Plan from Britain that it tends to divide the English-speaking peoples and Western Europe from the eastern part of Europe. Some words about the economic situation in Britain. Tangible and intangible assets of Britain for economic recovery. Moral support and help from Canada.

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